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Google Cloud


We are helping businesses of all levels in India, across industries to expand their Businesses on Google Cloud Platform.

Computing and hosting

Google Cloud Platform gives you options for computing and hosting with Virtual machines running in Google’s worldwide datacenters and load balanced cloud computing. Use a managed application platform to build your applications without managing any infrastructure. Leverage container technologies to gain flexibility. Build your own cloud-based infrastructure according to your needs with our Google cloud services in India.


Different applications and workloads require different storage and database solution, Google Cloud Platform serves all your storage including object storage at different price points as well as managed MySQL and globally-scalable NoSQL databases. Google Cloud Platform’s archival storage provides industry-leading pricing with the performance of disc.

Cloud Networking

Google Cloud Platform’s high quality private network connects your regional locations to more than 100 global network points of presence close to your users. Google Cloud Platform also uses state-of-the-art software-defined networking and distributed systems technologies to host and deliver Google Cloud services in India.


Backups provide a way to restore your Cloud SQL instance to recover lost data or recover from a problem with your instance. You should enable automated backups for any instance that contains data that you need to protect from loss or damage.Enabling automated backups, along with binary logging, is also required for some operations, such as clone and replica creation.

Big Data Solutions

An integrated, server less Big Data platform for data driven applications. Google Cloud Platform offers an integrated end to end Big Data solution, that lets you capture, process, store and analyse your data within a single platform. With Google Cloud Platform you can combine cloud-native services with open source tools as needed, both in batch and stream mode.

Machine learning

GCP Cloud AI offers a variety of powerful machine learning (ML) services. You can select APIs that provide pre-trained models optimized for specific applications, or build and train your own large-scale, sophisticated models using a managed TensorFlow framework.

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